Zizo Apps

The College Platform

An online platform available exclusively to current residents at your college

The experience is available to residents through your own iOS, Android and Web app, with your logo, brand and theme.

The college platform is a self service platform; your staff have complete control over the content that is presented to residents, without the need for technical expertise

Why an App?

It is crucial for residential colleges to have a consistent and clear digital strategy. Although at one point, having a static website, ad-hoc social media groups and emails were and effective solution, this is no longer the case

  • Static websites lack interactivity.

  • Social media channels are essential, but your message is competing for attention against everything else on the 3rd party platform. There is also the point of evolving online interests of upcoming generations, think tiktok vs facebook.

  • And lastly emails where every other email gets missed, so there is no guarantee of your message being received, let alone referred to in the future.

The College platform solves this issue by creating a dedicated space for your college, with your branding, and providing the communication functionality, through push notifications and easily accessible information at any time of the day, always at the same place





How does it work?

Your college will get your own iOS, Android and Web apps, compiled with your logo, colour scheme and branding.

The app will be available in the public apple AppStore and google PlayStore, but access to the content within the apps will be hidden behind a login screen.

When the time comes, you will be able to bulk import your residents using your admin access to your applications, and invite emails will automatically be sent to all residents. Each with a unique registration code.